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Howl at the Moon

Dog Walking

Welcome to Howl at the Moon dog walking.

We are a family duo; Art and Mandy, offering a warm, personal service in the Cranleigh, Ewhurst and Bramley areas.


We have been walking the beautiful Surrey Hills all our lives and know all the best trails; rootling in the woods, running through open grasslands, all safe, far away from roads. Whether it’s hot, whether it’s wet, we have the perfect route tailored for your dogs needs.


We walk in a group of dogs so it is an excellent opportunity for socialising and many of our regulars have become good tail-wagging friends. 


We pick up and drop off to home in a comfortable, customised van and can arrange keys if you are not home.


Over the last five years, it has been so rewarding to get know the dogs and their families and we look forward to meeting you and your furry companions too.


Why choose Howl at the Moon?

  • Whatever the weather we do our best to operate! 

  • Our walks are predominantly undertaken in the beautiful Surrey Hills. 

  • Woodland walks are our favourite places to let your dogs have a good run, far from roads with plenty of space for dogs to be dogs.

  • Insured with a broker to ensure the highest standard of insurance from the moment we pick the up to the moment we drop the home - including key cover.

  • Qualified through PIF for canine care.

  • Customised and reliable transport.

  • Over 5 years experience.

  • Small family team of two, so your dog will always know the person walking them.

  • Passionate walkers who’ve lived in the area for 20 years which allows us to choose walks appropriate to the weather.

  • All our group walks offer plenty of recall training, socialisation with other dogs and a few treats to ensure your canine companions are mentally and physically stimulated. 

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